Lola Odelola

Hi! I’m Lola, I write poems and build web things. Like most toddlers, I learnt to write when I was about 3 and haven’t stopped since. 18yrs after conquering pen holding, I accidentally fell in love with coding and have been on a quest to learn and teach as much as possible.

I‘m a published poet via my self ( #000000 )and Eyewear Poetry ( Lost and Found ). Lost and Found was selected as the 2016 Poetry Book Society's spring pamphlet. I run an organisation,, that aims to provide a safe space for girls and women of colour to learn more about tech and how to code.

If you'd like me to speak at something, get in touch! I'm open to speaking about ruby, rails, diversity and inclusion in tech, poetry, writing, and probably other stuff. Hear me ramble on the internet on Lost in the Source or you can read my tech or poetry ramblings. Here's some stuff other people have said about me:

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